Gender Pay Gap


Allen Ford, Allen Kia, Essex Ford, Essex Auto Group & SMC are parts of Allen Ford (UK) Ltd which is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of cars and vans to private motorists and businesses. Our network of over 30 locations stretches across the south of England, from Bath to the Midlands to Essex and the north of Kent. Allen Ford is proud to uphold the reputation of the manufacturers we represent through our high standards of customer service, competitive prices, and employee satisfaction.

At Allen Ford we know that our employees are our most valuable asset. We believe that creating a diverse and gender-balanced workforce will deliver the best results for our company and our customers. The automotive sector in the UK currently employs a disproportionately high number of males compared to females. At 5th April 2018 the total workforce of Allen Ford (UK) Ltd was 79% male with many of these employees working in typically bonus and commission-earning roles as departmental managers, car and van salespeople, and workshop or body shop technicians.

Whilst some of our most successful sales managers, service managers, service advisors and salespeople are female, a larger proportion work in support roles in Accounts and Administration. These two factors are the major influences on the size of the mean pay gap which is slightly above the national average of 17.9%.

Our gender pay gap results are set out below

   2017 Hourly Pay Gap  2017 Bonus Gap  2018 Hourly Pay Gap  2018 Bonus Gap
Mean 23.0% 60.3% 22.9% 62.3%
Median 18.7% 63.2% 18.9% 62.1%

Proportion of Employees Receiving Bonus

Gender  2017 Male  2017 Female  2018 Male  2018 Female
  73.1% 64.3% 78.6% 68.2%

Proportion of Employees in Each Pay Quartile

   2017 Male  2017 Female 2018 Male  2018 Female
Upper 89.3% 10.7% 83.3% 16.7%
Upper Middle 81.4% 18.6% 63.9% 36.1%
Lower Middle 67.2% 32.8% 82.1% 17.9%
Lower 77.5% 22.5% 86.1% 13.9%

As an organisation we welcome applicants from across the gender spectrum for all job roles and actively seek to encourage diversity in our recruitment process.

We are committed to pay equality and will continue to encourage diversity in all departments and job roles. Allen Ford (UK) Ltd also have a policy of promoting from within the workforce which, whilst affording equal opportunity for advancement, also results in a stable and experienced management team. This will mean that our commitment to diversity can only be borne out through a combination of a falling gender pay gap and improved gender diversity over the long term.

I confirm that the information contained in this report is accurate.

Mike Philips
Group Managing Director